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Maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultations

Newborn sleep specialist
Maternity and Newborn Package (up to 4 months)

The Maternity and Newborn Package includes:

  • Detailed intake questionnaire (to be answered before consultation)

  • 90 min video/phone call consultation. We will discuss topics like: what to expect from your baby's sleep in those early months, emotional well-being, naps, routine options, how to help your baby not to mix up night and day, and of course, what to do at the beginning to encourage a healthy sleep habit. It is also a time to answer all your questions. 

  • Foundation Sleep Plan

  • 2 follow up calls, 15-20min each, to be used within 2 weeks from the consultation

* 20% discount will be applied for future Packages Purchase (same child).

Gentle Sleep Training
Infant and Toddler Package (5 months-4 years)

The Infant and Toddler Package includes:

  • Detailed Intake Questionnaire

  • Assessment of your child's sleep and feeding habits, temperament and family background

  • 60 min video/phone call consultation to discuss topics like: appropriate sleep goals, sleep environment, timing of nap and bedtime , emotional well-being, different approached to self soothe, how to transition your child to his own crib/room, and more

  • A personalized step by step Sleep Plan

  • Unlimited e-mail support for 5 weeks following our consultation. E-mails will be replied within 24 hours.

  • 6 -15 min call to be used during our work together than can be requested by the client or sleep consultant 

Sleep Consultant group presentations
Newborn Care Specialist - Overnight Services

The NCS will care for you baby while you rest.

Services include:

  • Educating parents

  • Teaching soothing techniques

  • Sleep Foundations

  • Attend to baby throughout the night 

  • Support of breastfeeding or bottle feeding

  • Burping and changing baby

  • Soothing back to sleep whenever needed

  • Keeping a log of baby's night patterns (eating, sleeping, diaper change...)

NCS will often rest while your baby sleeps but is ready to provide immediate care when your baby wakes.

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   Business Hours:

  Monday through Saturday

  9:00a - 5:00p ET


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