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I do not follow a specific line. I believe that each person is unique and, therefore, the needs are not the same. For this reason, when choosing a sleep training method, I always take into consideration the family's style and background, the baby's temperament, and the environment around the child.

For me, behaviors such as, not falling asleep or waking up all night long, among others, are only responses to something that is happening and that needs to be observed and fixed by the root.

So, before working on any behavior, I make sure all the important things are in place.

- Ideal sleep environment

- age appropriate routine

- physical needs (nutrition, health and activities)

- baby's development

- social factors

- emotional well-being


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Sleep Training approach

"If you would of told me a month ago my son would be sleeping through the night and taking naps in his crib, I would of said No Way! But that’s exactly what he is doing all thanks to Fernanda. And we were able to get to this point by using a gentle and respectful approach that focuses on the whole child not just “sleep issues.” Fernanda worked closely with my husband and I to create an individualized plan that worked for our family and our child. She truly listens to your concerns and questions and reaches out with answers and helps adjust plans throughout the process in a very timely manner. Her support and knowledge throughout the process was invaluable. We are so proud of our son and his ability to sleep well and again that’s all thanks to Fernanda. If you are looking for support for your baby or child and want a gentle approach, I can not recommend her enough!"

Leigh Fleet

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